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How It Works

Telecom Advisors Group will collect your company’s core technology bills. These include bills from your local telecom provider, long distance provider, data and Internet providers. Once gathered, we analyze each bill to determine the current level of service being provided and at what expense.

Then, using our years of industry expertise we analyze each service and compare it to what other providers in the market are offering. We look for the most functionality at the least expense to you.

The Results

In today’s growing telecom market, competition is tough. Service providers are all looking for an edge to one-up the competition.  We use this to your advantage. Our clients have realized substantial savings by utilizing our services.

As you can see from these few examples, the savings can be significant and, as our small contingency fee is paid from the savings we’ve uncovered, if we don’t save you money, you owe us nothing…Guaranteed!”

  • An Anaheim security firm saved over $585,000 the first year and received numerous credits.
  • Friendly Ford, headquartered in Las Vegas, reduced monthly expense by 59%.
  • Pivotal Group in Phoenix saved over $116,000 per year at their 3 resort locations.
  • La Mesa RV, headquartered in San Diego, has saved over $48,000 per year.
  • Arnstein and Lehr Law Offices of Chicago reduced their monthly expense by 52%.