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Telecom Advisors Group, Inc Offers a
No-Risk Way for Automotive Clients
to Lower Telecommunication Costs

Telecom Advisors Group, Inc., an independent Telecommunications Consulting Firm announces its Telephone Expense Reduction Program or (TERP) service for the Automotive Industry. The service was created to help dealerships lower their monthly bills from telephone, cellular and internet service providers without the cost normally associated with hiring a knowledgeable expert or changing vendors.

“We’ve been helping our Automotive Clients select and purchase new telecom equipment for the past decade. In the course of these projects, we would audit the Client’s Telecom bills and use the savings to help them pay for the new equipment. We realized that this was actually an important part of our offering and decided to concentrate our resources on developing this service and offering it to dealerships nationally.” explains Phillip A. Sherman, President of Telecom Advisors Group, Inc.

The Telecom Expense Reduction Program or TERP involves Telecom Advisors Group, Inc. collecting the dealership’s core technology bills. These include bills from local, long distance, data, cellular and Internet service providers. Once gathered they are analyzed to determine the current level of service and pricing. Once complete, Telecom Advisors Group uses its years of expertise to negotiate with the current vendors to obtain the most functionality at the least expense.

“One of our most recent TERP Clients saved more than $68,000.00 per year.” explains Sherman. “The average seems to be a 25 to 35% savings but many times we’re able to save our Clients even more. In addition, we routinely find billing errors and negotiate credits and refunds.”

Telecom Advisors Group, Inc. conducts the TERP on a contingency basis and is only compensated if they uncover savings for the Client. Telecom is paid a percentage of the first year savings which they are able to negotiate and secure for the Client.

“When we conduct a TERP, we guarantee our Client that, if we don’t save you money, you owe us nothing. That’s our promise and our commitment to our Automotive Clients.” says Sherman.

Telecom Advisors serves its base of hundreds of Automotive Clients from its headquarters located in Mansfield, Ohio. For further information, call
(480) 461 -1800 or visit their website at